About Us

We are a very small team with a dream to empower people using the tools of IT & Internet, and contribute in improving their lives.


Abhishek Johri

Cool Guy
He wanted to help the struggling small businesses during Covid19 Pandemic, so he came up with the idea of Humble Shops, then wrote all the Code to make this idea a reality.

Aiko Ueno

Chief Suggestions Officer
This chill Japanese wife, gives awesome suggestions and lets her husband work even on Weekends.

Mr & Mrs. Johri

Chief Support & Blessings Officers
They always support the team in all it's endeavours.

Vaibhav Kumar

Chief Technical Advisor
Whenever the Cool guy is stuck with any technical issues, this guy always gives smart technical advices.


Chief Wellness & Security Officer
Responsible for keeping the team entertained & cheerful by playing fetch and going on walks. Also keeps the premesis safe by barking at delivery guys.
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